Introduce about 

Vaneq Co., Ltd


I am representative Pilwon Shon who runs Vaneq Co., in Korea and Hong Kong. 

As a member of Korea International Trade Association (KITA).

We handle refined sugar -Malaysia and Thailand, raw sugar (pure raw sugar before any steps of processing) -Malaysia and Thailand, raw sugar (raw sugar after a cleanse) - Malaysia and Thailand, organic sugar -Thailand.Of course, in addition to sugar, we import and export Thai squid, Senegal hairtail, herb, cooking oil, Thai rice and Korean rice. 

We also serve as a broker trade and an offer agency. 

All of these are possible because there are a handful of elite agents around the world.

As a member of the Korea International Trade Association, we are operating in both Buy Korea and Trade Korea, so we have strong trust in our clients around the world. 

Whatever you find, whatever you want, whatever you want, leave it to us.

Thank you all for coming.

SHON, PILWON Chief Executive Officer 

 KOREA Office: +82 2 2275 7654 │ HONGKONG Office: +852 2187 2428 │ CEO : Pilwon Shon 

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